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Howth is a wonderfully scenic peninsula. Its terrain is very varied with rocky hills woodland and coastal paths .It has restaurants, pubs, traditional music and dance, scenic walks, golf, sailing, beach walks and angling from the piers . It also has beautiful rhododendron gardens and an excellent Transport Museum and is a very good area for Bird Watching. Among many other places of interest are a 12th Century Abbey and graveyard and Martello Towers built by the British in the Napoleonic era to watch out for French invasion.

Howth Dublin

Its name is possibly derived from the Norse word 'Hoved' and was inhabited by some of the first Norse settlers in Ireland in the 9th century. The Vikings began their raids in the early 800's. The Norman invasion followed in 1169.

In 1576 legend has it that the gates of Howth Castle were closed against the pirate Grace O'Malley for dinner and she in retaliation kidnapped the Earl's grandson. He was returned on condition the gates would never be closed again and a place reserved at dinner for unexpected guests.

Howth was recognised as a trading port in the 14th century and the harbour was built in the 19th century.

Howth Dublin

In 1914 Erskine Childers ,author of 'The Riddle of the Sands' smuggled a large quantity of arms into Howth on "The Asgard" for use by the Irish Volunteers and this became known as the 'Howth Gun Running.' He was later executed by firing squad during Civil War in 1922 and shook hands with each member before his death.

Howth has a great seafaring tradition and the harbour is alive with activity. It is the home of Howth Yacht Club, trawlers and other fishing craft.

It is the perfect place to take your Boat Fishing Trip from

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Over 20 yrs experience as a commercial Skipper (trawlers,crabbers) from Howth and a very intimate knowledge of the seas and surrounding areas.

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